My Dear Friend Gina/Singledust has been writing a beautiful, delicate and romantic series of poems entitled “Sweet Whispers” which I want to highly recommend to you.  Please investigate this series and Her other works!

Gina and I have previously collaborated on a little “Duet” called “Allie’s Song for Noah“.  Her poem “Let Me” spoke to my heart and I brashly interlaced some of my words at the end of her lines which ended up in our posts as, “Allie’s Song For Noah”.  This was a little imaginative writing as a take off on a supposed alternate ending to “The Notebook”.  Gina was generous and gracious enough to grant permission to post that “duet” as a collaboration.

After reading Gina’s “Sweet Whispers #8” I felt I needed to warn her that her poem was whispering to my heart.  So I was once again inspired to continue our little collaboration on another “Duet” in “The Notebook” vein. Continue reading

the poet of my dreams – D’Verse Open Link Night

I hope My Dear Family of Followers will forgive me for the flurry of reblogs lately! I have been reading so many Excellent writers and have endeavored to share the best of my “Gleaning” with you. And just as in music there are some one hit wonders and then there are those that have what it takes to bring us hit after hit here is a writer that continues to capture our attention again and again.

It is with great pleasure that I have the privilege to introduce “The Poet Of My Dreams” from Gina/Singledust. I hope that it touches your heart as a tribute of Love as it did mine and that you consider following Gina!



Many thanks to PoetGirlEm for helping provide the inspiration, motivation and the “push” to write this poem in a way in which I am alien too – short!  Credit also goes to DavyD for providing an attraction to his three line poems that are so powerful and insightful.  His poems have been the inspirational seed for several poems.  Please check both of these writers out!!

This made me, the mischief maker, give a dare to PoetGirlEm to see if she could beat DavyD to be the first one to write a one word poem.  She laughed – ha, ha (see comments on here-6-words).  Well, I got to thinking about it and despite being a Rambler when it comes to words I decided to take myself up on my own dare.  Write the shortest poem possible – one word.  Can you write a poem shorter than one word?

Maybe Sailorpoet would be kind enough to be the Host of another Meme – “The One Word Poem”?  Shall we ask him?  Not that we should add more things to His plate, but – Please??



By Charles Robert Lindholm


Perhaps . . .

© 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

4-6-2017   at 8:30 a.m.

Further thanks and credit to PoetGirlEm for referral to “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn” on Wikipedia

Life: Slow and Steady Wins The Race

For those of you who don’t know or follow Sonyo Estavillo on please let me introduce you to a Super Multi-tasking Mom and Writer. Her posts are so interesting, entertaining, informative and sprinkled with life lessons, true wisdom and humor.

Please enjoy her post “Life: Slow and Steady Wins The Race”. Also, check out her About Page – “What The Heck Is Happiness Anyway?” and her other posts!

Writing With Hope

tortoise-hare Image By: Unknown

There’s an avenue in Redondo Beach that dips twice with depressions in the asphalt deep enough that, unless you are driving a big truck or an SUV, you’re liable to experience a horrible sound. The awful scraping is that of your car’s front end getting mangled where the hill bottoms out.

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my broken heart reminds me

Please read Singledust’s Response Poem “my broken heart reminds me” to my “I Fumbled With My Smile”. She has captured the deeper emotions in her poem! Another Gold Star Poem! So happy to see a tiny seed of a thought from one poem blooming into another even better poem! Try it you may really like it!

Poet’s Love Song

Please be Warned that if you have a heart condition you should take your pills before you read this poem.

This is a most exquisite, sensuous and elegantly written piece of poetry and one you would have to search for weeks or months to find it’s equal. A stunningly descriptive and emotionally erotic journey. One you will probably want to take over and over again until our BraveandReckless graces us with a sequel!! Soon we hope

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Please check out her other works!!

Brave & Reckless

In Honor of National Poetry Month

I see you

Yes, you poet

You who lives

Behind the misty veil

Dwelling in the border

Between this world

And a hundred other

Shadow worlds

I see you

I see those ink-stained


That hold your pen

Like a lover

That fly across the keyboard

In a torrent

Before stopping, hesitating


For the flow of words to resume

I see the permanent rings

Countless cups of coffee

Have left on your writing table

The chip in your favorite mug

I see the frayed fabric

On your cuffs

Of your favorite writing shirt

The fabric worn thin at your elbows

I see those mesmerizing eyes

That seem to simultaneously

Be looking through me

Straight into my soul

While studying the cosmos

And gazing inward

All at the same time

I see the contradictions you are

Your eyes are haunting

Full of knowing


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