By Charles Robert Lindholm


Her eyes stare at mine

with an intimate contact,

HER EYS - PASSIONS OFF THE CHART - THUMBNAILwith a look that’s ignited a fire,

raging in my soul

with passions unmistakable

and desires off the chart,



Her eyes, they speak,

in whispers

to my heart,




no words will need to be spoken

Her eyes read like a book

and I shall never find a way

to escape Her longing look



Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved


Inspired by Alisa Hutton’s

Purely Shown on Dustedwords.com

Thanks for the seed of Inspiration for “Her Eyes”  Please visit Alisa’s site!


to Holly Hunter for the use of her

Photo Icon to provide the Captivating and Mesmerizing

image at the top of this poem that I hope my words were able to match!

Please visit her site! houseofheartweb






and Tanya Cliff’s photos and poems on Tanya Cliff.com               Please visit her site!

And my very extended and playful stare off at the Cheesecake Factory in San Diego, California





82 thoughts on “HER EYES

  1. Not to detract from your poem, which was beautiful, but I also connected with one of the memes you included underneath: “The best kiss is the one that has been exchanged a thousand times between the eyes before it reaches the lips.” I know that kiss. That’s the kind my Beloved and I exchange. And believe me, it’s more intimate than any kiss that has ever touched my lips.

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    1. Well, My Lady i don’t think it is a distraction. I included those there for just the reason that hit Your heart. You are so Blessed to have experienced that kiss but also for the Lifetime memory! Lucky You!


    1. Thank You Christy!! Such a lovely comment! And much appreciated! Yes, her poetry is so elegant and beautiful and she is too! So sorry to hear about her site getting hacked. I’m hoping her followers find her.

      Thank You so much for visiting and commenting. I can see You have a great eye. That is one of my best works! My words always love visitors! Please come back?


    1. Ahhh, Thank you so much! I always love to see your Icon in my email or in the comments. You know I always love it when I can get a response from You!!!

      I have been missing our chit-chat but know your schedule is fuller than a hummingbird flitting on it’s rounds of every flower! I also want to tell you, again, how happy I was that you were so kind to me in posting Your top poems. They were astonishingly wonderful – all of them. I really did love the bonus on some them where you actually read them – Whoa. So, great!
      Happy thoughts on a Sunday!!!!!!


  2. I wish but no! I had to talk to Alisa to ask her permission after you out’d me! Ha! Mr. Hare to the max! LOL!
    Thanks for the kind words. Do you know HeartaFire? If not, check her work out.


    1. Ha! I know a Mona Lisa when I see one!! Thank You so much for the privilege and fun it was to have you involved and gracing this poem with “Your Eyes”!! It is such an honor to have you think “Her Eyes” is worthy of a reblog on your site. So Grateful – Gold Stars for You!!!

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      1. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be included in HER EYES. Thank you for your generosity and kind words and especially for your beautiful and captivating blog .

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        1. I hope you will like being a member of “The Inspirators Club” too (One who contributes inspiration for a poem I have written)? Just a simple acknowledgement of a generous Soul!!

          Beautiful and Captivating?? My blog? Really? You make me feel like one of those helium balloons that just went sailing into the stratosphere!! That, My Dear will make my month happy, happy! It is a true pleasure to think that you feel that way. Bellissimo, Bellissimo Holly!

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          1. I hope you will find inspiration at my blog dear Charles. You may find anything here, I am unpredictable. I am inspired by your fine writing, warmth and wonderful sense of humor.
            Bellissimo indeed!

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          2. Well My Dear, You need not hope! You can know for a certainty that I will. I will be enjoying all of Your works and looking for the tiny seeds of inspiration You left behind.

            Unpredictable? You? That sounds like fun to me! Surprises can be fun. Ahhhhh, You humble my heart to think that You are inspired by my writing. I’m really glad You do like it though as that increases the odds You may come again??

            Bellissimo is You!! But more like Bellissimo, Bellissimo Holly!!

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  3. As they always used to tell us in Police training Charles, it’s all in the eyes. Loved your poem and the images give it a mesmeric aura. Have a good weekend my friend.

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    1. Yes, this is true! It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul! Thank you for your kind words! This was a really fun take off of a seed of inspiration from Alisa’s piece. Was so pleased to find the first photo from Heartafire here on WordPress and to have her permission to use it! I think that photo really helps to make the piece.
      You have a great weekend too! Getting away with the Mrs.?

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      1. It’s Mrs. Ds birthday tomorrow Charles, so I intend to spoil her all weekend. She deserves it putting up with me. How about yourself?

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        1. Good for You! That should be fun! So, I just want to know how you got it down to only a weekend? I’m doing a week. LOL! Hope You guys have a blast. Be sure and tell her that we all appreciate it that she takes good care of you and lets you play on WP so much!!!

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          1. It’s taken years of practice but am blessed to have someone so wonderful and caring as Mrs.D in my life. Have a great week Charles.

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    1. I’m so glad you liked it! Nice with coffee? I am so honored to count you as a friend and as a member of “The Inspirators Club!!!! I will be following you and enjoying your work. But you do know I am always on the lookout for little gems that writers leave behind to add to my Word Bank!

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        1. Hey, pretty good guess. So, from the time stamp I’m guessing you are in the UK or Europe somewhere? I really did have a good time putting this together and you were such a kind and gracious Lady to let me do it!!

          I do love Real Time = online at the same time!

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          1. Weird. I’m in the Austin Tx area. Wow, you live in the future but two hours behind us here too?? Oh, I think I get it. When you publish they are six hours ahead of real time here but that doesn’t happen to comments for me???

            So glad you had a nice little gift to start your day!! Vancouver is wonderful. I think I may be jealous!

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          2. I am tricky like that, time traveler lol. It is a lovely city, happy to live here. I have only been to the airport in Austin on a lay over. Perhaps one day I will make it for a proper visit.

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          3. Ha! I love that You make me laugh! You aren’t a shape shifter though, are You? LOL! Yes, it is up there on the top list of places to see.

            Oh my, are You teasing me with the thought You might be willing to visit in Austin? If You wanted to come see South by Southwest or The Austin City Limits event or just an extra day lay over it would be really wonderful to have you stay with us and see You in person!

            I think you are teasing! You did read my post “What Is It?” and my take on “Perhaps”! LOL! Well, even if it is just a thought it is a lovely one and thank You for putting that out there to cheer me up! If You are interested in chit-chatting and bantering Perhaps offline would be good? You can email me at chucklindholm@hotmail.com
            Pleasant Dreams!!!


          4. Really! Wow! That would be great! You have to be careful with me – I like to solve problems, puzzles etc. so if the problem is a busy Mom, then my mind is very likely to go into problem solving mode!!! Like maybe grandparents, camp etc. See! I warned You! Ha!
            The Sandman has come for me! Adieu!!!

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    1. Thank you for letting me make you a part of it! It would have been hard not too after spending time with you and your words on the back catalogging!! You were a part of it so you deserve credit for inspiration. My Dear, I found inspiration all over your blog from your poems to the photo of you and the mischief in your smile!! I am so happy you liked it!!! Have a great day!!

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    1. Stop! I have a hard time breathing when I laugh! Girl, you are too funny! LOL! And right back at you!!
      I’m guessing you have a lot of experience with that first quote?? Ha!

      Thank you so much! You are such a gracious Lady to have let me use your Photo Icon and banter! So, do you have anything you’d like to commission? Ha! So, are you the life of the party girl with that sense of humor??
      Have a great day!! You have made mine that by being a part of “Her Eyes”!!

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        1. Oh, Stop!! My ribs are starting to hurt! Gee, that really wasn’t too hard to guess! Your eyes and smile give you away! Don’t play poker! I’m guessing you aren’t an engineer or a computer geek either (both great professions but probably for others??)!

          Oh, you are at least lucky that you aren’t always sure. I know what the answer is when it comes to me! Hey, laughter is the best medicine so isn’t it all good, as long as they aren’t hurting your feelings? I love that you make me laugh – With You!!

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          1. I like to have fun, to laugh, I love a sense of humor but can be serious of course, I must admit I am sometimes irony personified. Thank you for the kind and generous words.

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          2. Well, I like to live by the motto – live, laugh, love! Irony personified?? Can you put that in a sentence, that is an example? Ha! Is that like a super hero or a super performer? Hey, if people are going to laugh at you (I’m doubting that) you should charge them for your comic routine. I love irony too, along with sarcasm, and hyperbole also! Hence, my problem of being too light hearted most of the time, unless you hit one of my advocate buttons.

            What is the most fun is to be serious but to lay humor under the surface for those that are smart enough to get it.

            So, do you think of yourself as “normal”? And your friends?? Fortunately for me I don’t drink but people still think I do. I guess my love to laugh is over developed. Being retired has been good because so much time to be “less serious”.

            Go forth and have fun!!!

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          3. I will go forth and do my best to have fun! I like your philosophy of life. Actually I don’t think anyone is laughing at me…my poetry maybe. Have a wonderful evening Chuck. 😉

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          4. No one that has any sense is laughing at your poetry!! And they are not people to hang out with!!! Yes, Be out on the town – but be careful of the type of people that would laugh at your poetry!

            Yes, the sandman is coming for me!
            Sweet Dreams and Gentle Whispers (good inspiration)

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