I want to thank my ever growing family of followers for supporting my blog. It is one of my great joys to meet so many new and wonderful writers and friends from all over the world!!

I always love it when I can share something that seems wonderful to me with all of you. So, let me introduce you to Storyteller. Please Welcome a new friend and wonderful writer!!

We will be taking a look at her very moving poem “Harmony”. But before we do I would like you to know a little more about her in her own words – I think I will try and get her to license this to me to use also – I Love it.

Please check out Storyteller’s blog!!

They say “Life’s a journey”
I don’t know its true purpose but what I know for sure— it would be nothing without the people in it.

If you are reading this, you’re part of my journey.
My writings are a reflection of my thoughts, experiences, trials, learnings, moments of realisation and belief system.
‟To see the World in a Grain of Sand
And Heaven in a Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour”
~Thank you for reading my stories, I hope you find them worthy of your Time~


via Daily Prompt: Harmony

My Heart is empty

But it still aches

when I hear someone say your name

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I turn around and there you are

Dancing with her

In perfect Harmony.

© 𝓈toryteller


H: Harmony

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3 thoughts on “Harmony

  1. I just found storyteller in the cafe as well, Chuck. I have not been keeping up with my reading this week, and now feel that slight pang of anxiety I get when there is SO much goodness to explore and not enough time.

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    1. I encountered her on a like to my blog and fell in love with her poem “Harmony”! So, now you are feeling what it is like to live the life of a tortoise? LOL! Come on! Cough up the source of the Whirlwind formula!

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  2. Great work, can relate to each one.  That is the way your dad and I looked at each other.  A smile gets you alot further than a frown.  Good job!!!!! Love you tones.. Mom

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