By Charles Robert Lindholm

I’m hoping by now

you know

beyond a shadow of a doubt

how I feel

about you?

But if you don’t

I could make this

a lot more complex

and wordy,

but would it be ok

if I just tell you

“I love You”??

Is simple enough

for you?

Because I really could

go “On and On and On and On” !


Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm  4-20-2017   at 8:00 a.m.

Inspired by a quote by Steve Jobs and shared with me by Jem Croucher – “Simple is a lot harder than complex; you have to work really hard to get it right. . . . ”

Rule #1 in Selling, especially if it is yourself – when you get to “Yes” – stop talking!

My wife said, “Yes”!!

38 thoughts on “IS SIMPLE ENOUGH?

  1. simple words say the most. we cannot deny the hearts longing but our language is limited so we use simple words and the person receiving it knows its depth and meaning. this one is your gold scribe lines of beauty immeasurable.

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    1. Yes, simple is best. I’ve checked to be sure and the answer was yes. Isn’t it just like the knowing looks that says so much without speaking? “Gold scribe lines”?? Sounds good? Thank You so much for the kind words. Especially meaningful coming from a master of simple, deep and emotional!!

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    1. I am so honored that you feel that way! It makes my soul happy to hear that my words have touched your heart! And glad that you will be returning again! I’m hoping that means you feel my blog is worthy of your time!!! Blessings to You!!

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        1. Thank You so much! You are so generous and kind with your praise. I love chit-chat and will look forward to your visits and I’m looking forward to your future posts and to getting time to read your previous posts as well.

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  2. You know, I absolutely love simple. I’m Canadian, but have lived in Brazil for almost 15 years now. My life is so very simple, but I’m so content. Absolutely love it.
    Steve Jobs does have a point, especially if one lives in a culture that doesn’t always appreciate the ‘simple’.
    Great piece.

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    1. So glad this piece connected with you!!! So, you still live in Brazil? So, when I see the Brazilian flag on my stats its you??? Glad to hear you love it there and are content. They do have a nice philosophy about life! Well, you can have simple where you have control??
      Thanks for the kind words! I hope you are enjoying my blog and visit often!!

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      1. Oh yes, I work with an organization called, Youth With A Mission. Came here in 2002, married a Brazilian in 2003 and have been here pretty much since (although we have done a lot of traveling and lived for short stints in other places).
        Of course I’m enjoying it. Hope you have enjoyed the little bit of mine.
        Oh yes, the Brazil in your stats is most definitely me. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Sir. I appreciate your kind words. Simple is as you say, sufficient and beautiful and usually the most elegant. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I hope you are enjoying looking around!

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          1. I hope you enjoyed it. Mrs D and I had a weekend of walking around the Chiltern Hills. Have a prosperous week Charles 🙂

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          2. So far so good! I’m in The Backside Of The Night – a good start! Ha! Checking out a really fantastic site/blog on tumblr that I chased down from an untitled item on google. I will share more with you later when I connect with the author. Write well My Friend!!!

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          3. Thanks Charles. It’s 11am. I experienced the Backside of the Night last week and wrote another piece so will share it on the blog.

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          1. You’re welcome! I was not by my parents’ bedsides when they passed away. I was able to visit my dad after he had a stroke. We used writing to communicate. I had a chance to show him affection by rubbing his paralyzed side of body! He knew that I loved him. So I understand!

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