By Charles Robert Lindholm


of the gift

of forgiveness

am I


But still

the gift

is offered

to a fool such as I


My sins

they all accuse me

right to my face


The One who always loves me

offers Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace

it covers me

like a blanket

of snow

with mercy

and the Greatest Love

that I shall ever know


Amazing Grace

and Mercy

have ended

all my fears


The One who always loves me

has wiped away my tears


And though

I’m so


of forgiveness

now I know

The One who always loves me

will never let me go

Copyright © Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspirational Credit to:

The One who always loves me

To my Dad, and his singing Amazing Grace down through the years

To my Dear Friends who have offered Forgiveness and Love to me


With heartfelt joy and praise

to The One who always loves me

May everyone find deep and abiding Love and Contentment

from The One who always Loves me.

Chuck Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet


  1. Beautiful and reflective words Charles. Forgiveness is a wonderful gift but one we can sometimes find difficult to open. Have a blessed and peaceful Easter.

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    1. You are the Wise One!!! Loved that thought. Yes, sometimes we can’t forgive ourselves and cannot believe that anyone would forgive us if we can’t forgive ourselves. I love this!!! Yes, it can be very difficult to open! Thanks for your kind words and for taking time to visit and comment, My Friend!!

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  2. This is so graceful- it felt like I was watching a feather in the air slowly coming to rest. (Hard to describe-sorry).
    I’ve only just started a bit of poetry myself- and still gathering the courage to spread my wings.
    I’m definitely following you!
    Lovely tribute to your father.

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    1. Oh Vivian, you are so kind to share your kind and gracious thoughts! I loved your description. Thank you so much for visiting and following me! I will look forward to your posts. If you are interested in writing poetry I cannot offer a better suggestion of a book to read that “Poemcrazy” it is really fantastic. Check it out on Amazon.

      My daughter got me started blogging by starting a blog without me knowing. She said here it is! “I am helping you face your fears, so I push you so you can fly”. That has been the best thing ever for me. I hope you will love writing poetry and blogging.

      Keep a Word Bank of all the words and phrases that hit you. Then you can use them as seeds for a new poem. Check out my “I Am Not A Poet” and “The Backside Of The Night” these all came into being from reading words of others.

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