My Dear Friend Gina/Singledust has been writing a beautiful, delicate and romantic series of poems entitled “Sweet Whispers” which I want to highly recommend to you.  Please investigate this series and Her other works!

Gina and I have previously collaborated on a little “Duet” called “Allie’s Song for Noah“.  Her poem “Let Me” spoke to my heart and I brashly interlaced some of my words at the end of her lines which ended up in our posts as, “Allie’s Song For Noah”.  This was a little imaginative writing as a take off on a supposed alternate ending to “The Notebook”.  Gina was generous and gracious enough to grant permission to post that “duet” as a collaboration.

After reading Gina’s “Sweet Whispers #8” I felt I needed to warn her that her poem was whispering to my heart.  So I was once again inspired to continue our little collaboration on another “Duet” in “The Notebook” vein.

After reading “Sweet Whispers #8” I envisioned the scene from the movie where Allie and Noah have just finished having made love for the first time since seeing each other again and she turns to him and laughingly says in a stunned and amazed tone, “So, this is what I have been missing all this time?” And then she attempts, successfully, to entice him into – “MORE”.

Waking up the next morning Noah has left a little trail for her to follow to the studio he built for her.  Overcome with joy to the point of tears Allie finds a piece of paper and starts writing a little note to Noah.  After finishing the note Allie wipes away the tears and with an impish grin she tucks the note away in the pocket of Noah’s robe and then hides it in the night stand next to his bed.

So, the next time she makes love with Noah (I hope you Ladies are envisioning Ryan Gosling) and he is all “spent” and begging off, she reaches into the night stand and pulls out her note to him.  She then hands her note to Noah and tells him to read it out loud to her.  As he reads out loud to her she follows the instructions.

My interlacing is followed by the commas.

Allie’s Note To Noah

By Gina Gallyot and Charles Robert Lindholm

Please read this out loud to me

when I give this to you!

So I can follow the instructions!



Feather light kisses, I place on His skin

Gentle sweet words, as I ask Him, again?

Misty morning whispers, as I beg in His ear

Peace afterwards, as we drift on the clouds

With All My Love,


Copyright © Gina Gallyot and Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

I hope everyone one finds the love that Allie and Noah had!!

Chuck Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet

17 thoughts on “ALLIE’S NOTE TO NOAH

        1. I just try and let as many as will listen know how easy it is to have her words touch your heart. I try and keep the focus on her words but sometimes I stray. How can you not know something wonderful about an author from their words. Her words to me seem so gentle, elegant and romantic. Having read comments by others I am reassured that this is not “Just Me”!! Please pass on your appreciation to Ms. Singledust!


          1. My appreciation is passed on to Ms. Singledust regularly, you will see through my posts… no one can match your enthusiasm, but I share your sincerity for her work. It is really beautiful, and praise be her new muse! Lucky fellow!

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        1. Yes, how wonderful is Real Time??? I love it! I believe our friend Mr.S, PoetGirlEm, BraveandReckless have put the wheels in motion from what I have heard. Check with him?

          I do love our chit-chats, especially in Real Time.

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