the poet of my dreams – D’Verse Open Link Night

I hope My Dear Family of Followers will forgive me for the flurry of reblogs lately! I have been reading so many Excellent writers and have endeavored to share the best of my “Gleaning” with you. And just as in music there are some one hit wonders and then there are those that have what it takes to bring us hit after hit here is a writer that continues to capture our attention again and again.

It is with great pleasure that I have the privilege to introduce “The Poet Of My Dreams” from Gina/Singledust. I hope that it touches your heart as a tribute of Love as it did mine and that you consider following Gina!


The lovely Grace is hosting Open Link Night at D’Verse. She pays a wonderful tribute to my favourite poet, my first love with rhyme, William Butler Yeats, whose words carried me through tears and laughter. He spoke to my heart with his words and I wanted to be his crazed girl and I knew I would always love his words even when I was old. Today my poem is for him and another poet that has captured my dreams.

He came unannounced
Like February rain
after a January drought
One plain equator day
In a sky of white clouds
Showing me his heart
Offering me his shelter
Without measure or pressure
To be nothing more than just me
Safe in the strength and safety of him
The person I hid and held in a dream
That the poet in him
Found hiding within

He came without warning

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8 thoughts on “the poet of my dreams – D’Verse Open Link Night

        1. Yes, indeed she has! Ever more beautiful. This one really did leave me breathless from the beauty of her words and feelings. The emotions and Love I was reading just reached out and grabbed my heart so hard I was afraid it might stop beating! When you see “Fantastic” it sure jumps out at you doesn’t it??

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