Many thanks to PoetGirlEm for helping provide the inspiration, motivation and the “push” to write this poem in a way in which I am alien too – short!  Credit also goes to DavyD for providing an attraction to his three line poems that are so powerful and insightful.  His poems have been the inspirational seed for several poems.  Please check both of these writers out!!

This made me, the mischief maker, give a dare to PoetGirlEm to see if she could beat DavyD to be the first one to write a one word poem.  She laughed – ha, ha (see comments on here-6-words).  Well, I got to thinking about it and despite being a Rambler when it comes to words I decided to take myself up on my own dare.  Write the shortest poem possible – one word.  Can you write a poem shorter than one word?

Maybe Sailorpoet would be kind enough to be the Host of another Meme – “The One Word Poem”?  Shall we ask him?  Not that we should add more things to His plate, but – Please??



By Charles Robert Lindholm


Perhaps . . .

© 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

4-6-2017   at 8:30 a.m.

Further thanks and credit to PoetGirlEm for referral to “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn” on Wikipedia



  1. Charles, I warned you about lifting the lid on the box marked mischievous. I will put my mind to this and may take a leaf from Susan’s poemcrazy and invent a new word. The Guinness Book of Records lists the following poem as the shortest ever.


    Ad Em.

    Thank you for another sleepless night 🙂 Ps. Did the email come through.

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    1. Well, you know! Still a kid at heart despite what the mirror shows me! I guess I tempted myself on this one? Ha! I think you should follow Susan’s advice.and invent a new word! I invented “Inspirators”.

      So if Guinness Book of Records recognizes “Adam” as the shortest is that based on the number of letters in the word or because it is just one word?

      No, really? Another sleepless night blot on my record! I will never earn gold stars at this rate!

      Yes, thank you for the email. Sent info to Mr. S

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      1. Only jesting Charles. I love to visit your blog as it always brings me away with different thoughts. After much debate I came up with “poet-astrophy”. Are hyphens allowed or will I have the poetry police on my tail 🙂 The poem
        Ad em
        is recognised as the shortest poem on the basis, it has structure, rhyme and meaning (apparently). Thanks for sending the info for Mr.S.

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        1. I’m glad You like to come visit me. I am always honored that You carve out a sliver of time for me!!
          So, is this “different thoughts” a PC way of saying “weird”? Ha!

          Interesting word? Use it in a sentence! LOL! Since You were in the police I thought that maybe they hired You to be the Poetry Police, No? I think You may be safe hiding in plain sight. They will probably blame it on me. I promise Davy, I will never give You up!!! That isn’t a paraphrase from Brokeback Mountain is it?? I never did see it.

          I think I may have to speak with this Guinness fellow of whom You speak. And I do love Your humor but I’m not really certain about “thanks for another sleepless night”? Is he pleased that I brought him another sleepless night and being gracious or is he letting me know that I am going to be the one he blames and turns into said, Poetry Police? Might I have to go into hiding? LOL! Have a great weekend!

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          1. LOL Charles. I appear to have turned you into someone as mad as me. I jest about the sleepless nights. Mrs. D says the mortuary contains more life when I am asleep, that is why I find the backside of the night a strange concept. If the poetry police do catch up with you I am more than happy to act as your legal adviser as I know all the tricks they get up to. Have a great weekend my friend 🙂

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            1. Well Sir, you may deserve some credit. I was well on my way before. Maybe you just got the final push?

              I wasn’t sure about the “sleepless nights”. I’m tempted to believe you don’t really get much sleep with all you get accomplished. So your favorite time to write is not in TBOTN? I do appreciate you volunteering to be my legal adviser. I don’t run very fast anymore so if they spot me I’m a goner! Ha!

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  2. flash fiction is an amazing concept but I do prefer something longer than just one word, but you chose a very good one to start. I have had my flash fiction analyzed by other writer and to have a good piece of flash certain elements are key. One being it is the story itself, no continuation. Flash is my first love the one that encouraged me to write and helped me improve. So I am a great believer in writing this way. The shortest I would go would probably be 100 word flash, but I do admire those who can write less and get away with so much meaning and content. Another area I would love to explore is micro poetry, lines cut out of a longer poem that can stand alone, that’s true magic and brilliance. Thanks for sharing this from Em and I liked “PERHAPS” holds much promise and hope.

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    1. Why, thank You Ms. Singledust for visiting and commenting. Always an honor to have You share time here. I don’t think I could write Flash Fiction but maybe someday You can tempt me??? Thanks for the insights on it!!

      I love the idea of micro poetry excised from a longer poem. Or even, wait for it, additional lines intermingled?? What do they call that?? It was an astonishing experience for me!!!

      I am in awe of PoetGirlEm and DavyD’s short poems.

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      1. yes they are brilliant and all the writers I read, you included! but micro poetry is hard to define, it’s hard hitting lines, full of emotion, not fluid feeling. It’s meant to upset not soothe. I have read some amazing ones from high school kids in Los Angeles and the Baltimore projects!

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            1. Oh NO,NO, NO!!! No running away, please? Pretty Please? Sharing!! Praising your work between us. I’m thinking you still don’t realize what a fantastic piece you have written! I don’t know about You but I’ve gotten lots of hits on this poem!!!

              I read his last post I thought but did not notice anything other than links back? What did you see and where? RT? I’m going to have to write about it in order to keep up with Mr. S.


            2. He posted about the back side of night, I think you already read it, and he has also made some lovely comments on the poet of my dreams, so both of you are very kind to me, too kind! Yes RT Charles!!

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            3. You have made me so happy to spend some RT with You. I guess this will have to do for awhile. I guess I will have to use that for motivation to post something new.

              We are not too kind! We are the ones that are predicting that this will be one of your greatest works of all time!! You should go and find some Yeats sites and post it there. Let Me know how that works out and where!!!!

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