Poet’s Love Song

Please be Warned that if you have a heart condition you should take your pills before you read this poem.

This is a most exquisite, sensuous and elegantly written piece of poetry and one you would have to search for weeks or months to find it’s equal. A stunningly descriptive and emotionally erotic journey. One you will probably want to take over and over again until our BraveandReckless graces us with a sequel!! Soon we hope

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Please check out her other works!!

Brave & Reckless

In Honor of National Poetry Month

I see you

Yes, you poet

You who lives

Behind the misty veil

Dwelling in the border

Between this world

And a hundred other

Shadow worlds

I see you

I see those ink-stained


That hold your pen

Like a lover

That fly across the keyboard

In a torrent

Before stopping, hesitating


For the flow of words to resume

I see the permanent rings

Countless cups of coffee

Have left on your writing table

The chip in your favorite mug

I see the frayed fabric

On your cuffs

Of your favorite writing shirt

The fabric worn thin at your elbows

I see those mesmerizing eyes

That seem to simultaneously

Be looking through me

Straight into my soul

While studying the cosmos

And gazing inward

All at the same time

I see the contradictions you are

Your eyes are haunting

Full of knowing


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19 thoughts on “Poet’s Love Song

  1. Chuck, this is the poem that began my collaborative relationship with my dear friend Christine, and ironically, one of the foundations of the backside of night… we are getting circular in our pingbacks and reblogs. Christine is one of my bravest and kindest friends, the one who got me thinking of that Treetop Cafe, and the one whose chuckle inspired me to name it Go Dog Go. Agree with you! Go find her work!


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    1. Really? How weird is that – Twilight Zone?? Like I said, When you see “Fantastic” it just jumps out and grabs you – tight. Don’t get me started on Christine!! I just love how wonderful and great she is. With her hectic schedule I feel so honored that she takes the time to slice a little time for me out of her day from time to time.

      I still can’t believe that she was so kind and gracious to me and her followers to start posting her top 12 best ever poems (ala, the 12 days of Christmas). I love to try and get a smile or laugh out of her. And why am I not surprised that she inspired you on the Cafe and the name!!! You are so blessed to be able to collaborate with her. I have been reading her current posts but should get some help to get a Back-Catalog??

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      1. Christine is fantastic and a top 12 reblog would be a great way to pull up one’s own favorites from their catalog. I am due for a good Christine re-read! Was my email helpful to you? Again… join me on a journey together?

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          1. Oh no… I shouldn’t have said it that way!

            We run forth into the field like boys
            Two boys avoiding fecal landmines
            Cow patties of the worst kind,
            And push, push until the tipping
            Point the cow we sought, sacred.

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      2. Dear Reluctant Poet– I feel like I have been doing a lot of blushing since you stumbled across my poems. My list is up to 13! The poem that convinces S Francis that I wasn’t some crazy stalker trying to talk him into writing with me was a collaborative piece I wrote with OldePunk at RamJet poetry. Of course, I would be the first to admit that it is OldePunk who dazzled in this piece and made me look good!


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        1. What? Me? No? You must be allergic to that new face cream! Ha! Well, I have been accused of causing that reaction but I’m sticking to the face cream story! Maybe it’s my nature to be a bit exuberant but I don’t exaggerate!!

          I am so glad that I did stumble across You. Did I apologize for that fortunate event? Your words light me up! I just love to read the words and imagine the images and find the gems you leave hidden there!

          Thanks again for “memories captured in amber”! It made me feel like it was Christmas!! It’s really great that You are part of the “Inspirators Club”! Don’t worry there is no hazing allowed. It is great to hear from You. Oh, that reminds me. Why haven’t we had SoundCloud audio embeds of your voice on the last few poems?????

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      1. Oh, Sorry! Did I forget to tell you? I thought they automatically posted that on your blog! Are You smiling???? I hope!!! You don’t mind that I reblogged do you?

        Well, when I find something great I have to share it. I can’t help myself. You are way more than welcome. All of it true! It is so good to hear from You. Hope You aren’t too buried.


  2. Dear TheReluctantPoet–

    I am deeply flattered by your praise and fear that I will not be able to live up to your reader’s expectations but will endeavor not to disappoint. This is indeed one of my favorite poems that I have ever written and it is dedicated to all the beautiful souls that I have met here on WordPress. I am honored to walk among you.

    Christine, Brave and Reckless

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    1. We are honored to walk with You!! Please don’t mistake my comments as flattery because they are Not! My words to You are praise, applause and a verbal celebration for such a verbal masterpiece of Love and Poetry.

      Your followers and mine will not impose expectations on You! They will only express their longing and desire to have you write more of the same, and if at all possible even more moving. We all love it when someone can touch our heart and soul! And You have done that for us with this poem and we are basking in the joy it brought us, until we have to go and read it again for another dose of what you have delivered.

      I say again – Bellissimo, Bellissimo!! More Please!

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