Allie’s Song to Noah

I want to introduce you to My Dear Friend, Singledust and her wonderful and beautiful writings if you don’t already know her. Please visit her blog for yourself. Since starting to blog I have been blessed to call Singledust My Friend and a big supporter of what I have written. She has been a perfect example of why blogging is so great. She has been one of my biggest “Inspirators”!!
The support and admiration for the writings of Singledust has been something that has been irresistible for me once I read her work. Her recent poem, “Let Me” left me so moved that I found myself to be almost in a trance where I began writing intertwining lines with her poem.
Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to experience this glorious state of being forced to write during or after reading something that reached in and touched your heart from the heart of a writer. If you have then you know how high your spirits fly! If you haven’t, then I wish this for you, sooner rather than later.
I almost felt ashamed to admit that I dared to do what I had done. I pulled all my courage together and braved speaking with Singledust about what I had done but was also so bold as to propose an imagined situation where these lines could be merged together in a sort of “Poetry Duet”. To my utter delight and surprise I was relieved to hear that she loved it and wanted to post our “Duet”. So, you have seen a perfect example of what a beautiful and caring soul is Singledust.
It is with the deepest honor and privilege that I introduce you to My Friend, Singledust and to our “Duet” – “Allie’s Song For Noah”. We both hope you enjoy it and that it touches your hearts in the way it did mine!!
The Reluctant Poet – Charles Robert Lindholm

15 thoughts on “Allie’s Song to Noah

    1. Well, you are very right about that! This is a resulting piece from me reading her “Let Me” and being almost in a trance while intermingling additional lines. Rude? Overreaching? Not sure what but I just started writing as I read her “Let Me” out loud. She is so warm and caring and thoughtful with a big heart that she overlooked what I did and agreed to publish it. What’s not to love about our Gina/Singledust??? I don’t have to explain it to you, singing to the choir! You have experienced it to!!

      She is so shy and reluctant of praise that I’m sort of worried that she may end up with my Moniker!! She deserves kudos and Bravos! Gina and her work are Bellissimo!!! Now if we can just nudge her into embedding SoundCloud audios of her reading her poems.

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    1. Riffing On Chuck and Dust

      In the real time of night we look around without torches
      Darkness once inspired the most benign of our fears,
      Monsters like Wild Things, rumpussing out of closets
      And witches feeding us poison candy under the bed.

      Now we rumpus about, high on the sweetness we found
      And lit up like lanterns showing one another the stars
      Whose myths are yet written. Grateful for conclusions unlike
      Ones we wrote too early in our minds. We find love.

      Soon we will defy metaphor and as we approach the back
      Side of night, we find the sun sneaking open our sills
      To a day we never thought we had, new air that feels old
      In a familiar way, like the air we had always wanted to taste.

      Now we rumpus about, drunk on the intoxicating memory
      Of childhood dreams we found once the counted sheep
      Looked back upon their tiny friend’s open-mouthed face.
      Ones written so early in our minds, we knew love.

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      1. Whoa! So Great! Don’t know how you can just grab a comet’s tail and take these amazing rides and come back and write it all down??? Really loved the following:
        Now we rumpus about, high on the sweetness we found
        And lit up like lanterns showing one another the stars
        Whose myths are yet written. Grateful for conclusions unlike
        Ones we wrote too early in our minds. We find love.

        Please make sure this finds its way onto your blog and the Poet’s Corner!! You are prodding me My Friend to write before I lose one of my seeds to you! LOL!

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    1. Thank you so much! Your praise always touches my heart. Thank You for overwhelming me with Your “Let Me” and the warm response that came from my heart! I am so grateful and honored to share words with you on the same page! Will you answer DavyD’s question? Ha! No bursting allowed!!

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  1. Great and heartfelt words Charles. Singledust is a wonderful writer and spirit and worth a visit to read her exceptional work. Thank you for the introduction 🙂

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  2. Very nice and heartwarming duet composition! To The Reluctant Romantic and Singledust:

    On their own, and together,
    Two creative minds traveled-
    Bring to closure, come hither,
    Story two song, hearts unraveled.

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