By Charles Robert Lindholm  3-27-2017  at 4:30 a.m.


My heart has been searching for a long time

wandering along on the roads my head chose


an unwitting and unwilling companion

to the choices that were made

along the way, without a say

from my heart


and after all my heart’s been through

it finally knew, the time had come

to say, “Enough”


“I’ve longed for a life and a love

to match my gypsy soul

and I shall search

and I shall find it


I may not know

the path to take

I may take

The Road Not Taken


I need the Joy

of the gypsy life

and a Love to fill each day

and so I’ll have to take control

and Our Soul and I shall lead”


and at last my mind surrendered

for it had longings too

and with words so

softly spoken,

in a sweetly yearning voice


“I will let my heart lead me

and love a gypsy life”

© Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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 “Not knowing the path, I let my heart lead me” – Gina – Singledust

An inspiration from Gina’s poem “Vacilando”

 I’m not sure why or how certain people, words or things touch our hearts and soul but it is such a thrill and joy when they do.  The smallest seeds of inspiration can lead to wonderful blossoms in life and a heartfelt Love and Gratitude for the person or thing that touched our heart and made it all happen.

 I believe that credit should be given where credit is due and so I have the deepest Thanks to Gina – Singledust for the gift that she left me after reading her wonderful poem “Vacilando”!  More poems Gina??? Please!

20 thoughts on “I WILL LET MY HEART LEAD ME

    1. Thanks Dwight!! So appreciate your views and kind comments!! Gina is so awesome!!! I have many poems shared with and seeds from her inspiration!! How can you Not love Gina!!! She is the sweetest!! In fact, you just reminded me I have one that I need to get her final approval on before posting!! Thanks for that, My Friend!! Did you read Gina’s Vacilando? I loved it!!

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  1. Wao. this is fabulous.
    Free Soul
    Travelling the world
    To find the one


    Since the day you have told me to write elfchens there are many.😁 I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Hope you participate 😊

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    1. So very happy you enjoyed this, My Dear!! I’m honored by your joy!! Glad to know you are happy writing Elfchens. Simply, fun and they make you happy!! Well, although I haven’t posted a no awards notice, yours is the first nomination in 2 years! I think there are other more worthy and deserving. The mere fact that you enjoy reading my work is a true honor for me. I’m content to let my words be the ones that speak. Me, not important!! My regrets, Dear Kritika! You are an angel for the nomination!!

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    1. LOL!! It took me a few moments to regain composure! I see we are sailing in the same boat, My Friend? I agree about getting a wife to provide a cross exam! I love the comedy routine I heard way back. “To keep a happy home there are three simple things you need to learn to say to your wife – You’re right, I’m wrong, I’m sorry.” It’s been working so far! Ha!

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      1. I have written down those words Charles and will keep you updated as to any progress when I try them out on Mrs D. Have a great weekend.

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  2. An excellent and spiritual response Charles. I have been thinking about Gina’s great poem and it does touch the heart and mind, very much like yours.

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    1. Whoa! I’m going to have to catch my breath if you are going to put me in the rarefied air with Gina! Sir, your wonderful and supportive comments mean so much to me. They are so appreciated. It is so grand to think my words could reach out and touch someone’s heart. You have brightened my day, Davy!!!

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      1. We all create our own space in the madness Charles and I get inspiration and ideas from your writing and poetry as I do from other poets. Your words have the capacity to impact, the same as any other person who is brave enough to write.

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        1. So, are you siding with Sailorpoet on my being “Unreluctant” Ha! I am doing better about venturing out beyond “The Backside of the Night” and into the light. I’m so glad you get a few seeds of inspiration as I get big doses from You! I think I have a big tab with You, My Friend!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and caring words! Yes, inspiration can come from so many places and has for me too but, it is really wonderful when you can trace it back to the source and even better when it is from a Friend!! I really appreciate you stopping and commenting!!!

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