By Charles Robert Lindholm 


My future days



As the stars

fade away


at dawn


An unknown



by one


© 2016 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Life is as the Bible and songs have stated, “life is like a candle in the wind”.  But there are some eternal truths about life.  You only have the “Here and Now” to live in and affect a change in your life so make the very best of it. 

Be Happy!  Whatever happens you can still control how you react to things and whenever humanly possible choose Happiness!  Be Happy!  Smell the Roses. Give in to Joy.  Follow your Bliss!  Be Kind and of a Generous Spirit. Plant Seeds!  Live, Laugh and Love!! Be Thankful for the Blessings You Have! 

 Here are a couple of my favorite quotes (see picturequotes.com or google for more):

My new favorite



Live, Laugh, Love!

“What have you done today to make your dreams come true?”  This one should go on everyone’s bathroom mirror.

 May your Days Always Be Happy!

Charles Robert Lindholm

The Reluctant Poet


24 thoughts on “DWINDLING

    1. Oh my, Rachel! You leave me speechless with your wonderful comment on this piece? High praise
      form You to be sure!! You keep making my days brighter!! I had to explain to my words the meaning of poignancy and they all said to tell you that they Love You!!

      I’m so glad you loved the line you quoted! I loved that it came to me on a philosophical level but also from a mathematical one too! This was fun to write and I consider it one of my better ones on several levels. I am so pleased you enjoyed it!! So, In or out?
      Hope you have a happy day, My Dear!


  1. What about fiddlesticks? That’s another southern expression you have my permission to borrow 🙂 It’s better than most curse words I know. But I just looked it up, and I guess the British are known for saying it too.

    Yes, Charles, I’m busy, but I also waste a lot of time. And, I’m a “slow” writer. So these proposals I’m working on take longer to write than they should–not to mention my youngster has reverted back to his night owl schedule. I guess owlinthewood kind of fits because my mom, who lives with us, also, doesn’t go to bed until 3 or 4 a.m. I have a house full of owls! What’s funny is we can all hear a real owl hoot in the wee hours of the morning–fancy that, another owl in the neighborhood.

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    1. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad! It’s great that you are able to have your Mom with you! So loving of you to have her staying with you. That isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

      I like “fiddlesticks”, reminds me of Gone with the Wind. And Joe Biden’s “Malarkey”! I think you and I might be word nuts? I keep a Word Bank of words and phrases that hit me. For those times when I need a “jump start” for some inspiration. I hear you about being a slow writer. Sometimes it takes me more than a day to finally finish a poem, by the time I think it’s done.

      I used to be a night owl too. Easier when you are younger. Can’t believe your Mom stays up until 3 or 4 a.m.? That’s when I have been waking up lately. We have a new name for that time – “The Backside Of The Night”! We have a small, but growing group, that have started a Meme on that phrase – each writing a poem with the phrase. Check out my post by that name. DavyD, Sailorpoet, Singledust and others have contributed? Maybe you can join? Doesn’t have to be a poem. Maybe about NightOwls in “The Backside Of The Night”?

      You know, they never had Night Owls on the farm!!! Everyone was “Too Tuckered Out” to stay up (see what you started with these Southern phrases? LOL!). So great to chat!!!


  2. I needed this reminder, Charles. Thanks! Did you ever read any of Joseph Campbell’s works? The “follow your bliss” part caught my attention.

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    1. Oh, it is great to hear from you!! I’m glad it spoke to you. Seems sunrise brings these types of thoughts to me. I love the “Follow your Bliss” philosophy! No, I haven’t read his works, but I will have to check into them. It seems I’m acquiring a reading list. My youngest daughter is the bookworm. She did 150 books in a year a few years back. Wow, I was totally amazed in light of all she does, must be speed reading. Oh, I do recall she said she did a lot of audio books because of her time on the road.

      Thanks for visiting!!! I told DavyD that this would be about as close as I could get toward matching his masterful 3 line poems!!

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      1. You “done good,” as folks in the deep south used to say. Maybe they still do? I’m also accumulating quite the reading list! I learned about Joseph Campbell from my father. I inherited his collection of Campbell’s works after he passed away. One day, I’ll sit down and read them all. I’ve only read one of them, so far. But my father used to tell me, “Follow your bliss.” Needless to say, he was a big Joseph Campbell fan–and also a psychotherapist. I thoroughly enjoyed your poem.

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        1. Well, in light of the fact that your Dad was a professional I think we should take his advice and “Follow our Bliss” and read Mr. Campbell’s books. I guess I will move this up to the top of the list.

          I like that saying! “you done good”. Cool. I will have to putting that in circulation. I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I’m guessing you are pretty swamped???


        2. Ok, Girl! I can see that you have hooked me, and I do love that! (rereading)

          I was looking at a DavyD “like” above your comment here and happened to start reading it again and Boom! I found a gem of a title you left lying on the floor?? “One Day, Perhaps?”, I added the Perhaps that you left unsaid, about your future contemplation of when you might, “One Day” start reading your Dad’s books. So wistful, yet noncommittal. Just like something I would say! I deposited your Little Gem in my Word Bank (do you have one?).

          It’s a great place to put all the things you hear, notice and think of while passing through your day. I think this is a great title for a poem. Ok, you are now a potenial suspect for being one of my “Inspirators”. Ha! When I write it we will have to make it Official!

          Thanks again for visiting my blog and spending time with me, connecting!!!!


  3. A very poignant piece Charles and the use of the mathematic equation brings the message of the poem to the fore. Have you read the books by Eckhart Tolle on the Power of Now?

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    1. Thank you for evaluating this for me! I’m not always sure what all is “In there” since “I am just a scribe”. I guess some universal truths can even come to poets? I did love the use of the equation also. We know how many days we have had but not how many are coming! No I have not read those. I will have to check them out. I have always been interested in Now since we all end up living in the ever changing second of now!

      Sorry to hear about the tragedy in UK!!! So glad you aren’t in law enforcement anymore! Remind me and I will get out a piece I did for “Those Who Serve”. So sorry that you had another hero minted today!!!!

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      1. Thank you for those kind words Charles. I have been trying to write and listening to the events unfold. It always leaves you heartbroken when things like this happen as, as well as the other people involved, some people will not be returning to their family tonight. On the “I am just a scribe ” business. Whatever label we attach to the writer is immaterial. Your work Charles is a joy to read as it comes from a place of honesty and genuine compassion. Your words will mean different things to different people and that is the beauty of poetry. It is a pleasure to be part of the community you are helping to foster, so a big thank you and keep those excellent verses flowing 🙂

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        1. I can only image how close to home this comes to anyone who has served in law enforcement. My wife’s late husband had 27 years as a Sheriff’s Deputy before passing away from cancer. He was the leader of the department’s SWAT team. I’m sure she had some sleepless nights. She was one that was always worried that he might not come through the door again, too.

          I am always so honored that you find anything that I write to be something that brings a smile or makes you think or reminisce! I am very amazed that I do get a range of visitors who are moved to comment.

          You and Sailorpoet are the genesis of the little community that we have growing. You and Sailorpoet and Singledust are all my main “Inspirators”. I have a new idea I am going to want to pass by you in a week or so.

          Just so you know, this is probably going to be my closest attempt to ever getting close to matching you conciseness in a poem. LOL!!!
          Our thought and prayers are with you and the whole UK!

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          1. It’s better to be feeling joy than what the UK is feeling now! You are too good! Really? These words just drop all around you??? I love “Let your ideas Fly” (like “I push you so you can Fly”) and “Turn Them Into Magic”!! Thanks for the deposits into my Word Bank.

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  4. it is so true we only have the here and now and we need to live it and not fret over it or worry about spoiling it by being ourselves, we never know when we will be that minus one. such simple words yet very meaningful. Lovely Charles

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