By Charles Robert Lindholm    

2-14-2017 at 5:00 a.m.  Valentine’s Day


The Backside of the Night

the tail end of Darkness

finally rolling around

the silence of stillness

a still life photo

of a sleeping little town


No hub-bub commotion

no endless motion

in the Backside of the Night

Yesterday’s ending

Tomorrow is coming

with the glimmer

of morning light


© 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspired by – S Francis on


Daily Post – Daily Prompt – Darkness – Silence 


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  6. I miss rising earlier in the day. Although I recently tempered my night owl tendencies, my son continues to stay up way too late! At least we’re doing better than before, though. On some days, I don’t start writing until after dinner because of other responsibilities. That makes for a late night. Thank you for your thoughtful response to my comment. I long to move back to a small town. I’m working on it!

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  7. Oh, Laura! That means so much to me! You are so kind. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it and felt it. I love that time of day, now, as opposed to being a night owl in my younger days. You can almost feel the mist in that photo?? I’m so glad you used the word “Painted” in your comment. That is the way I try and write, Painting with words.

    Love your blog. So glad you are back!!!

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