By Charles Robert Lindholm  2-3-2017 at 4:00 a.m. (The motivation for “Conscious Coma” set to be published on WordPress on 2-4-2017)

How do you know if you have found your Soulmate?  When you both pick out the exact same card for your Anniversary!

When two hearts beat as one. When you always get excited about being able to get back home to see your Sweetie.  When your Beloved never lets you get out the door without a kiss and an admonition to “Be Careful”!!

When you look around your life and your home and the most important thing you see is your Soulmate.  When you can remember where and when and why you did this or that and how you came to pick out that souvenir or admire an old photo you will know the feeling – and I hope you will!

We live in a retirement community (15,000 people) not too far from the main road, and it never fails that at least once a day you can hear a siren go by and the reality of “The Circle of Life” is once again impressed upon you.  When I was younger I could never quite understand how it was that so often when one spouse of a couple who had been married for  30, 40 or 50 years passed on that the other spouse, who seemed to be in good health, would be very likely to pass on within a year of losing their Soulmate.  Now that I have a Soulmate I understand.  They lose the desire to live on without their Beloved!!!

Losing the desire to live – It seems so crazy when the basic instinct of life is self survival at all costs, but for those who have been lucky enough to have found a little Heaven on Earth with a Soulmate it makes perfect sense.

I always feel so sad for the one who is left behind and I have had too many opportunities to see it up close – and we want to be like the ending in the movie “The Notebook” or like the very most romantic shot in the whole movie “Titanic” where the little old couple is shown spooning in their cabin as the water is coming in (that shot made me cry).

If you have been lucky enough to have had a little Heaven on Earth with a Soulmate it makes perfect sense that you would want to be in Heaven again!

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  1. This is very touching and you have a gentle soul. I had the same idea as this once upon a time but have come to a conclusion we meet more than one person who connects with our soul. if you have a moment i would like to share my thoughts with you and would love your opinion on it – a post from a few weeks ago on what i think a soulmate might be –
    thank you!

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    1. Thanks for you kind words! I would love to hear your thoughts on this and share about it. You can reach me at

      I really am pleased that you have taken so much time to read through my works and like and comment!! So, a simple “Like” is enough for one of your comments? Awww, really? You are aware that I’m an old time Rambler? I will abide by your wishes if that is what you want?

      I will check out your post.

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  2. I have the same feeling. I can’t even imagine what life would be like without my Sweetie! It’s great that you have such a strong love for your hubby too. Isn’t that the same feeling that Adam had for Eve. Maybe it’s genetic if it deals with your beloved??

    Thanks so much for your visit and comment. I hope you enjoyed the post and that it was worth your time!! You will feel so much better when your house closes!!! Good luck!!


  3. I’m selfish and I ask God (probably too often) to please take me first. I don’t want to know the agony of being without him-my true soulmate. I know I would follow quickly behind him if the good Lord pulled him home before me when we’re older. Unless the kids aren’t ready for this world yet. Then I would be strong for them. I could never love again the way I love now.

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  4. As always, thanks so much for visiting and the kind words! Always great to hear from you. Yes, I was so lucky to find my “heaven on earth” and really hope others will also. It really opens your eyes to what true love is supposed to be! Love your posts!!


  5. So glad you have found your soulmate Charles and have been able to experience a little Heaven on Earth. An excellent piece of writing and I am looking forward to reading Conscious Coma.

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