By Charles Robert Lindholm   1-15-2017 @ noon

The performers start to gather

ready for the show

eagerly I take my seat

in a balcony row


from the darkened wings

I hear them

warming up their song

anxiously I wait for

“Prelude To The Dawn”


The stage is dark

black curtains rise

and footlights start to glow

everyone is in their place

ready for the show


The songbirds sing

and flit about

the sky is changing color

the clouds appear

and breezes blow

and daylight starts to shine


The set is such a masterpiece

a gentle landscape scene

the sun appears

on center stage

in glowing splendor

and all too soon

it’s over


another exquisite performance

of “An Ode To The Sun”

from the “Sunrise Suite”

and a standing ovation from me

on my hilltop perch

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm, The Reluctant Poet – All Rights Reserved
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Inspired by The Daily Post – Daily Prompt – 1-15-2017   Exquisite

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Photo Credit – Emerald Bay – Lake Tahoe California on istockphoto.com




  1. So beautiful, Charles. I look forward to turning my schedule around so I can join the celebration! Many years ago, I woke up to the loudest chattering outside my bedroom window, only to discover that finches touched with a bit of yellow had taken over the trees in my apartment complex. It was magical. My children were all still asleep, and I remember lying there in bed with the curtains slightly pulled aside–watching and listening.

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I loved your description of “that morning”. You made it come alive and helped me feel the magic of it too! Sounds so comfy and wonderful. I love waking up that way as opposed to and alarm clock – Boo. They say, “alarm clocks are made for people that don’t have children” LOL! Thanks so much for sharing the magic of that “snugly” morning!

      Thanks for coming by, so nice to see you.


  2. Sunrise is different over the world and I have been so blessed to see it over several countries and continents. There’s a magic of a new born day and I love how you give it such tribute, saying the words sunbeams reach out to you and lay at your feet like tiny gold seeds.

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    1. Thanks for your great comment about sunrise and sunbeams!!! I love that time of the day between “The Backside Of The Night” and sunrise and the “changing of the guard” so to speak. I guess it’s the transitions that I like from one to the other. Same attraction to transitions in Life and Romance too. Nosy me.

      I feel the same way about “a newborn day”. It’s a clean slate or like watching a river roll by. I love the saying, “you can never step in the same river twice”. It’s just like time isn’t it. The moment of Now keeps being reborn every second and passes on by just like a flowing river. Cool, but there are times when it would be great, in the good times, if we could hit a “Slow Motion button” so we could savor them more, don’t you think?

      Thanks for being such an Avid Follower!! It means so much to me! But Girl, you are going to force me to dig out poems locked up in hiding to keep providing you with something new for you to read. LOL!!! Well, now that I think about it, you are providing me with some positive motivation – and I guess that’s a Good Thing! As my daughter did when she started my blog without telling me and then said – Here, get going! She said, “I’m helping you face your fear, so I push you so you can fly”. So, Thanks for the NUDGE!

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      1. thats really sweet of you to say that i motivate you, but you don’t need to rush the poems still lots on your site i haven’t gone through, in my email reply to you i mentioned my daughter did the same to me too – set it up and said now write! we are blessed with the little things that matter the most, even being able to watch a sunrise from any vantage point is bliss to the tired soul, and she never disappoints. i get the hit the slow motion button, i want to do that so much with my kids, i think they are growing up too fast i want to slow time or rewind to remember just one precious moment i forgot to time capsule in my head. but i am happy to motivate you if it brings out the creativity and joy, there must be joy then its an accomplishment. to more poetry and lovely lines from you then!

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        1. Yes, I think it is a good thing to be motivated – it helps. Thank you. I read that and think it is really weird that we ended up blogging as a result of our daughters “nudging us” to go outside our comfort zone. I actually had my daughter visit me site for the first time since she set it up in November. I told her how much I appreciated her doing that. I told her it was the best gift ever!

          Yes, I would advise you to capture as many precious moments as possible NOW. They speed by and it’s good if you have something in a permanent media. I was lucky enough to have an audio recording of my youngest, the Pusher, singing and talking on tape at the age of 3. I just love that.

          Sadly, no slow motion button. Yes, I appreciate you making me want to keep ahead of your reading! Ha! So, I’m going to return the favor for you. I will ask you to 1. go to the Daily Prompt and pick a prompt within the last 3 months and write a poem and 2. Ask each of your children to give you a title or subject that they want you to write about – for them. No time limit, just a challenge? Are you up to it?
          Have a great day

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          1. lovely to rad about your memories with your kids – special times indeed. I would consider the challenge you set me but I stopped visiting the daily prompt for a while now as the words were not inspiring me enough, flash fiction is where i hang my hat more these days as the community there is smaller and offer such amazing support, plus the stories are where i put more effort, poetry is just fun for me – passing time and clearing cobwebs, I prefer prose and get to write my hearts content. My boys would ask for Greek mythology, my girls funny stories, both of which I cannot do, so looks like you have to think up another challenge for me! you have an awesome day! I will be checking up on your posts soon!

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        2. Well, don’t forget to give your poetry their – due. You already posted two great titles in your last response – “passing time and clearing cobwebs”. So if the kids want something out of bounds then try two poems with these titles? I love them both! I will be looking for your visits!!

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