By Charles Robert Lindholm   1-10-2017  9:09 p.m.


Jagged pieces

uneven edges

of a broken heart

that dared to hope

that dared to love


a jigsaw puzzle

that takes time

to piece back together

and time to heal


Uneven edges

of a broken heart

can mend

trust can grow

and love return

I’m glad it did for me!

© Charles Robert Lindholm

Inspired by Daily Post’s – Daily Prompt – uneven on 1-10-2017 on WordPress.com

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5 thoughts on “UNEVEN EDGES

  1. Doesn’t that make it more of a “Treasure”? I know it does for me. Having a frame of reference in the past makes me often ask my wife, “Have I told you lately that I love you?” To which she replies – Yes, everyday! It’s a great experience to wake up happy every morning with the one you love.


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