By Charles Robert Lindholm 4:20 1/7/2017


I was tempted

but I resisted

it was easy

when I had no desire

when I had no need

when I had no hunger

I said, “No”

before I met you


I was tempted

when I met you

when I looked in your eyes

when I dreamed of us


it was easy

to surrender

to listen to your whispering

to feel your touch

to feel the hunger for you


it was easy

to surrender

to the power of “yes”

© 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm

Inspired by the Daily Post’s – Daily Prompt – TEMPTED

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8 thoughts on “TEMPTED

  1. Thanks so much for your comment. You are so right about that! Not too many people are “Tempted” by Brussel Sprouts? It makes you wonder, it makes me wonder, how many people have never been tempted and don’t really know what their choice might be if they actually were?

    I stumbled unto the Daily Prompt and this was their “word for the day”. I liked the word and loved the challenge, especially in light of your question “Does a Title matter” and “which comes first the poem or the title” when creating a poem. In light of your questions I was challenged – Thanks so much for that!!


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