By Charles Robert Lindholm 4/30/2015


The Marmalade Moon

spreads across the still warm

crust of earth

toasted by the midday sun


The sentimental smell

of springtime’s in the air

as the taste of today

lingers on my tongue

and sweet dreams

fill my soul


I’m hungry

for tomorrow



© 2015 Charles Robert Lindholm

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7 thoughts on “THE MARMALADE MOON

    1. Ahh, My Dear!! I cannot tell You how much I Love You for going through all of my older poems and spending time with my words!! I am honored and blessed to have such an avid follower as You! I am so grateful for you spending your precious time with my words! An Awesome and Beautiful Gift, Sweet K!!


    1. Ahhh, Kritika!! My words and I so appreciate your sweet comment!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am that you enjoyed this!! It is one of my favorites that has been “unappreciated” to date! The title is one I loved too because it was so descriptive, plus I’m addicted to alliteration! Ha! Thanks so very much for going back through my Archives, My Dear! I am so honored!!
      xoxo 😁💖🌹

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      1. It is a wonderful piece. Yes, the title is descriptive and attractive. Felt more like a song.
        Welcome 😊 Enjoyed the other poems as well, though have to read more. 🙂 Will comment more 😁🤭
        Sorry for late reply. We have festivals this month, consumed in the same.
        Happy you liked my comment🙂🙂
        Take care xoxo

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        1. No worries, My Dear!! I understand about life and priorities!! What a sweet comment!! I had never thought about that as a song/lyrics – Hmmm, A great idea!! Hope you activities are fun?? Never late replies!!! You are so generous and sweet with your comments, Kritika!! Hope you have a super week!
          xoxo 😁💖🌹✨

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