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    1. Ahhh, You are way too kind, Dear Friend!! I’m so glad this reached out and spoke to you! The highest reward for a writer!! I guess I always view my poems as children and I have a duty to let them have a life of their own out in the world and not in some dusty box. Thanks for your kind and generous comment!!
      I really love your writings and posts. So honest, insightful and truth! Love the art too.
      Have a blessed Day!!

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  1. This is lovely! And I relate to so much of it, too. The shyness can be so hard to overcome, but as you said, the joy of giving birth to the poem!!
    The wonderful Sailorpoet led me here 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for taking time to visit and comment! I’m so glad you enjoyed this. Yes, I have had to face that shyness for myself and realize that it shouldn’t be something that holds a poem back from being seen and known by the world. A loving Father wouldn’t lock up his kids so – here I am.

      Sailorpoet is such a Friend and Kindred Spirit! I can’t tell you how much I am honored by him!! Be sure and let him know that he lead you here. He deserves so much credit for being an inspiration to me. He has given me an unofficial nickname – The Unreluctant Poet. I’m trying to live up to it!

      Sailorpoet and I have started a Meme on a phrase for people to use in one of their poems. Perhaps you might like to join us? “The Backside Of The Night”? It started with a question from DavyD (you might like his blog “Inside the mind of DavyD”) about what is the best time to write and Sailorpoet related that the early morning hours just before dawn was a time he was starting to use. I loved the way he described it as “night’s backside” and “The Backside Of The Night” was born (check it out on this blog). I was so thrilled at the “seed” of inspiration and we have been friends ever since. Come join in??

      Thanks again for visiting.

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          1. I’m so glad to see you back!! I am so happy that you are willing to join our meme – The Backside Of The Night!! I talked to Sailorpoet and he said he thought you might be interested and I’m thrilled you are willing to do it.

            Yes, rework it! New inspiration, different perspective. Go for it. We all want to see! Thanks again for following!!!


  2. Oh, You are so kind with your words! They are as you put it like, “a meteor shower” or showers of blessings coming from afar to brighten my day, to put a smile on my face and to warm my day with joy. Bless you! Big Hugs!

    I am so glad you enjoy the words I’ve written down and happy they make you smile. I’m privileged to know that you are passing time with me on your Sunday through my poems!!! In the past, especially, it has been a struggle for me to “get inspired”. It was like being on a long hunt tracking down inspiration or living through a long drought and longing for the return of rain, like waiting for the return of a lover.

    Lucky for me, now, I have finally found a way to move past those isolated visits by inspiration to a more consistent appearance since being on WordPress. I have really loved the Daily Prompt. I think that has really been a means for me to “Open The Floodgates” so to speak. I keep trying to write as fast as I can, sort of like someone who is afraid they might not see their next meal anytime soon. If you haven’t tried The Daily Prompt I would highly recommend it. Truth is I have fallen behind on them.

    I don’t know, but in the past I have been reluctant to share what I have written with anyone. Don’t know that I would say that I’m shy but I can tell when someone is being polite as opposed to truly loving something (as you have done for my poems). So, I have, up until joining WordPress, kept these “locked up” (see for my own satisfaction and memories.

    I guess I have been more reluctant to being seen as a poet than for the writing part. The struggle for me has been to “believe” that my writing was something others would consider worth taking the time to read. I have been blessed with followers that have shown me that I should focus on writing and not be so concerned about how others view it. Kind of like the parable of the Sower in the bible. I have come to see that those on WordPress and others like us are the “few among the many”. Not everyone has an understanding of beauty, art and Magic! I am coming to terms with being “Reluctant” with help from wonderful followers like YOU.


  3. oh Charles – you are reluctant to a fault the words come seek you out and inspire you and paint a landscape you cannot ignore – such lovely thoughts and feelings here. I scribble where I go and make doodles of things I want to write later, a good friend said I reminded him of Frida Kahlo and her silly ways of using any space and time she could get, but I have never had dreams inspire me like this. Lovely reading on my Sunday! Thank you for the words though I know it was a struggle for you!


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